My first assignment was to help the company increase it's reputation through social media.  I accomplished this by finding current topics that were popular online. I then posted comments concerning those topics to see if people would begin to start a conversation with the companies twitter page.This not only made the company seem more up to date with curent technology, but also helped Ameritech increase its exposure in the public eye.  


Philadelphia Media Network launches “the most ambitious paid-content initiative ever introduced in the United States”

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@Phillies are taking on Houston in 4 hours... Lets take em down boys

Social Media Ideas for Business to Business Relationships

Twitter is one of the largest social media platforms we have in our current society. Many business have taken advantage of twitter and used it to help grow there business. This works very well for businesses who's target market are the general public because it is already a popular way for the public to communicate. Ameritech Media's desire to to take twitter to the next leve and use it to help businesses communicate with other business. 

One of my tasks was to find ways that twitter could assist businesses talk to other businesses. Below is a list of ideas that were sent on to my suporvisor. 


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