Objective: To better understand the process of marketing a company through social media     


1.    Work with marketing director to understand how the company can benefit from     social media tools

2.    Brain storm ideas to contribute to social media pages

3.    Send examples of possible posts for the company approval


1.   Submit examples of tweets that could help benefit company social appearance

2.   Submit examples techniques businesses could use to benefit their business-to-business relationships



Objective: To observe and understand the process of making an iPhone Application


1.     Work with head of tech department to understand the benefit of using iPhone applications in the workplace

2.     Work with graphic designer to better understand the layout of the app

3.     Design a basic iPhone Application


1.   Submit examples of finished projects

2.   Submit Small Applications built along the way  


 Objective: To better understand graphic design in a business setting


1.   Work with graphic designer to better understand the design process

2.   Work with graphics designer to critique projects

3.   Contribute ideas and solutions to complete the project.


1.   Include steps taken to in design process

2.   Submit examples projects that I made

3.   Submit examples of projects I contributed in


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