Executive Summary


            The business that I chose to complete my internship with was Ameritech Media Corporation.  The main goal of this organization is to help small businesses and grow their market through the use of multimedia. This included social networking, mobile applications, video shorts, and website creation. My site supervisor was Chris Tress, Creative Director at Ameritech. Throughout the internship he pointed me in the correct direction and recommended projects that their team was working on. The goals that I had going into this internship were to:

            ·      Better understand the process of marketing a company through social media

            ·      Observe and understand the process of iPhone Application Development

             ·      Better understand graphic design in a business setting


            The first project I was placed on was to find business events in the Philadelphia and Harrisburg areas.  Ameritech uses these events to present their services to other businesses in the area. This is accomplished by sending representatives from Ameritech to business events where they will display their company to other business in the area. My job was to seek such events and report my findings to my supervisor. Another assignment given to me was to use twitter to help Ameritech get involved in the online community. I accomplished this by finding current topics that were popular and then posting comments on twitter to help the Ameritech increase its exposure in the public eye. 

            After a while the company found that it might be beneficial for them do learn more about iPhone application development. Since many of the classes that I have taken at Messiah were based in software languages I was given the task of building and iPhone application. When I was assigned the task I was told that if I found the project to be too complicated along the way, I could abandon the project for something else. After two weeks of online tutorials and trial and error I created a few simple application that operated correctly on an iPhone, but because of the limited resources I had at hand I could not create an iPhone application that met the requirements given to me.

             For the remainder of my internship I was given many tasks associated with graphic design. First, I made a email template for the company used to send out a newsletter to their customers with the same look, with the ability to change its content. Second, I created a book cover for a customer that was built around a jungle theme. Finally, I made an advertisement for the company for a new social media tool called bubbles.


            Through my experience at Ameritech I learned a number of things about the workplace and myself. First, I discovered that I learn new things best when I work with others. When working on the iPhone applications I struggled with knowing how to troubleshoot my computer code. Since no one in the office knew how to make iPhone applications, the problems I had were never resolved. If I had someone helping me along the way I believe the outcome would have been more useful to the company.

Second, I found that when you are going into an internship you need to have an idea of what you would like to get out of the experience you have. At some points I had a hard time knowing what to do in the office because I was looking for someone to give me something to do. I didn’t start getting into the flow of things until I started expressing an interest in a specific area.   

Finally, I learned to take criticism from those higher up as a positive thing and an opportunity to learn the preferences of your boss. At times I would work for hours on a project and submit what I had done to my supervisor. Every time I submitted something there was always something that could have been better. Eventually, I got into the habit of expecting a critique of my work and learning to perfect future projects. The more I learned from their critiques the better I got at completing tasks I was given because I started to understand their style.

Future Plans

       Once I finish college I plan on moving to New York or Washington D.C to work in a marketing department for a music company. I think that working in a group is one of my strongest qualities. I am one of those people who think outside of the box and can offer good suggestions that haven’t been thought of. I also think that my technical background will help when trying to communicate an idea to software engineers or graphic artists. 


            The education I received from the computer science department helped me a great deal with my internship by allowing me to change the focus on the fly. When I started I was focused on the marketing department of the company.  But after a few weeks I realized that there was not enough work for me to do. Because of my major and technical skills that I have attained over the years, I was able to transfer to the to the tech office and start work there. This encouraged me greatly because I realized how useful it is to have a background in technology. When I do start working after college it helps to know that I have acquired a skill that is desirable to many employers in today’s society.


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